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Welcome to the future of live.

Welcome to the future of live.

Stagecast is a specialist provider of live event streaming and video infrastructure services. Our mission is to help you reach new audiences by providing an end-to-end service for live streaming strategy, technical production and distribution.

Stagecast can help you understand how to maximise the potential of live streaming, support you with filming and production, and provide a powerful video content library on your website where you can host live and pre-recorded content and engage directly with your growing audience.

If you have an event or video library you’d like to share with the world, call us now on +44 (0)20 3051 1972 or send us a message.

Our services


Reliable, discreet and professional live stream production by an experienced team, with equal emphasis on the sound as well as pictures.


A specialist live streaming and video-on-demand platform, allowing organisations to host their own events or video library directly on their website.


Strategic, technical and creative expertise, advice and training to help organisations grasp the potential of live streaming and video production.
Why Choose Us?

Musically Minded

As a team, we share a love of music and have produced countless hours of live music broadcasts. Even for non-musical events, this experience helps us provide well-paced, flowing and engaging coverage.


Our team has worked extensively for major broadcasters including the BBC and Sky. We take pride working at the highest possible levels of audio and video production quality.


Just as important as making a great film, is making the right film. We are an approachable group of creative people, keen to help you develop and realise your ambitions for video.
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If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about how Stagecast can help your organisation, please contact us.