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We’re motivated by bringing great performances to wider audiences. Brought together by a love of music and the arts, and our enthusiasm for technology and innovation, we set up Stagecast to help the world’s great performers embrace new digital opportunities, and increase their reach and impact in an increasingly online world.

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We Started Stagecast Because We Want to Help The World’s Greatest Performers Embrace New Digital Opportunities

Combining our backgrounds in music production, broadcasting, and what was then called ‘new media’, Matt and David first worked together in 2012 at the Royal College of Music. We set out to see how high we could push the quality of our concert films and audience numbers with the minimum of resources: three remote-controlled cameras and three operators sharing all the roles.

Within a couple of years we’d not only succeeded in growing our audience, but also caught the attention of some professional promoters, who asked if we could help them live stream some concerts. At the same time, we’d been discussing the potential for a streaming platform which would be specifically designed for artistic performances, free of the distractions and limitations of YouTube and social media platforms, allowing artists and promoters to grow their own online audience.

These two strands led eventually to Stagecast’s launch in 2017, since when we have worked throughout the UK and abroad, building a team of incredible multi-skilled staff, working with some of the world’s best performers, and developing our own online performance platform.

Quality and audience impact are still the things that drive us, and nothing beats the thrill of the audience reaction when a great performance, delivered online, conveys all the emotion, power and meaning of the live show.


Meet The Team

David Rees

Co-Founder & CTO

David is a music graduate from King’s College, University of Cambridge and has built a career helping cultural institutions understand the opportunities afforded by new technology. An experienced web developer, he has also used online video to teach music to over 350,000 students via his website www.daveconservatoire.org

Matt Parkin

Co-Founder & CEO

Matt is a seasoned engineer, producer and broadcast director with hundreds of album, TV and online broadcast credits to his name. He spent 12 years at the BBC, firstly as a specialist music sound supervisor and subsequently managing a large TV post production department, before moving on to the Royal College of Music where he was Head of Digital.

James Hickie

James Greveson Hickie

Production Planning Manager

Calum Wyllie

Calum Wyllie

Administrator & Accounts

Emma Towers-Evans

Camera Operator & Administrator

Nick Harding

Camera Supervisor & Editor

Robert Kealey

Vision Mixer & Director

Will Gray

Camera Operator & Sound Engineer

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