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About Us

Stagecast is a technology consultancy with the mission of helping organisations large and small take full advantage of the exciting world of online video.

Over the past ten years this technology has developed at a lightning pace. From grainy video of the first webcams to the high definition streaming services of today, it is hard to ignore the impact online video has had on all our lives.

With this technology comes opportunity. Anyone can now become a broadcaster, not just telling, but showing their work to audiences around the world.

But for many, this is easier said than done. With each passing year, the quality of online content is improving. Making an impact requires technical skills and strategic thinking alongside creative ideas. Few organisations possess this range of knowledge in house and need outside assistance to fully realise their ambitions.

We founded Stagecast to be that partner to individuals, businesses and organisations; from taking their first steps in livestreaming to building a library of content designed to grow a following and generate revenue.

Our unique approach combines skills in audio and video production, software development, data analysis and modern marketing to provide a wide range of tools and services.

Most importantly, our friendly and professional team will take the time to understand your goals and ambitions and find the right solutions to match.

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If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about how Stagecast can help your organisation, please contact us.