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 At Stagecast our goal is to bring great music to wider audiences. Brought together by a love of music and the arts, we set out to help the world’s great performers find new digital opportunities.

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We Started Stagecast to Help Performers Find New Digital Opportunities

Stagecast founders Matt and David first had the idea for a bespoke live streaming service back in 2015. Combining their backgrounds in music production, broadcasting and web development, they set out to see how high they could push the quality of concert films and audience numbers with minimal resources.

Quality and audience impact are still the things that drive the Stagecast team. Nothing beats the thrill of when a great performance delivered online conveys all the emotion, power and meaning of the live show.

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Meet the Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Matt is a seasoned engineer, producer and broadcast director with hundreds of album and TV credits to his name. He was a music sound supervisor at the BBC before managing a large TV post-production department. Stagecast was developed and founded whilst he was Head of Digital at the Royal College of Music.


Co-Founder & CTO

David is a music graduate from King’s College, Cambridge and has built a career working with arts institutions. An expert web developer, he has also used online video to teach music to over 350,000 students via his website Dave Conservatoire.

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