Following the success of our previous film for MiHoYo in 2022, Stagecast was delighted when the global leader in mobile video games returned to us to create another Original Soundtrack film, this time for the release of “Fontaine”, the latest region in the Genshin Impact world.

With a brief from the client to find a venue even more glamorous than before, Stagecast scoured London to find an unusual and exciting space large enough to not only hold a full symphony orchestra, but with enough distance to film them. The Roundhouse, in the historic and creative Camden area of London, was a natural choice. The Roundhouse is a Victorian-era circular building, originally built as a railway turntable, before being converted to a performing arts venue in 1964. The industrial iron pillar structure reminded us of the Eiffel Tour, making it a perfect fit for the French-influenced music being created for “Fontaine”. Add to that some custom staging and bespoke blue lighting, we think you’ll agree it’s a perfect match for the watery-themed music of “Fontaine”.

Stagecast was delighted once again to be working with conductor Robert Ziegler and our regular filming partners the London Symphony Orchestra, along with a host of solo musicians on unusual instruments, including glass harmonica, glass harp, and tack piano. The performance was filmed on three Arri cinema cameras and delivered in 4K HDR. It was produced by Matt Parkin, directed by Phil Glenny, and edited by Thomas Aston, with set design by Sarah Milton and lighting by Andy Stagles. You can watch the finished film here:

With thanks to:
Camera operators: Wai-King Cheung, David Brice, Adam Gohil
Camera assistants: Alice Berkeley, Peter Newman
Script Supervisor: Calum Wyllie
Floor manager: Sophia Tuffin
Vision supervisor: Kieran Unsworth
Recording operator: James Waterhouse
Media management: Stephen Harrington
Production Planning Manager: Sarah Noble
Audio facilities: Southby Productions
Camera facilities: Procam Take2
Lighting facilities: Lighting Director Ltd
Roundhouse event manager: Marla Coomaraswamy
Roundhouse production manager: Cait McGregor-Bush
LSO concerts & recordings manager: Mario de Sa
LSO operations manager: Alan Goode
Take Off Studios: Matt Tester
Bookaband: Cathy Giles
Yellowboat: Paul Cartledge
EPK crew: Matthew Harrisson, Matt Belcher
Graded by Colin Brown at Blazing Griffin