Stagecast grew rapidly, and we haven’t always had time to think about the bigger picture in the past. Over the last year we took some time out to think about what is it that makes us “us”, as a company. What do we stand for, what do we believe, and what values do we want to instil in our varied working environments?

That is why we’re proud to demonstrate our commitment to fostering a fair and just work environment by becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer. By paying the real Living Wage, we are voluntarily taking a stand to ensure all our employees, freelance staff and sub-contractors can earn a wage which is enough to live on. That basic fairness is at the heart of what we believe as a company, and goes well beyond legal minimum wage requirements, rooted in the belief that fair compensation is an integral part of responsible business practice. Furthermore, we are fully committed to paying the London Living Wage to all our employees living in the capital. We also understand that the Living Wage initiative is not just a one-time commitment but a journey towards continuous improvement.

Living Wage logo

In addition to this, in October 2023 we started a 6-month trial of a 4-Day Week for all permanent employees. We’re still working out how best to make it work for everyone, and we’re regularly reviewing its impact!

Apart from the obvious benefits of employee happiness and wellbeing, there’s growing evidence that companies adopting a 4-Day week show improvement in the following areas:
flexibility – flexible working patterns make organisations more inclusive and attractive workplaces for people with caring responsibilities
productivity – numerous studies have shown that a four-day week boosts productivity
innovation – rested minds are more creative and more likely to imagine and discover new and better ways to create.

In launching these initiatives Stagecast is making a commitment to all our employees’ well-being, but also acknowledging the crucial role they play in our success as a company.