There is something really exciting about a live broadcast. Watching the World Cup or the Oscars isn’t the same when the world already knows who won. If you have an event you’d like to share, live streaming is the best way not just to tell your audience about it, but show and involve them, as it happens.

Performing arts experts

Specialist music and arts broadcasting

Our team, drawn from principally from music, events and sports broadcasting, know all about sharing the buzz of a live performance with the world.  From planning and promoting your event until the big day itself, we can be on hand to make sure everything is in place.  Even if your event can’t go out live, a high-quality video recording is usually the best way to capture what happens for the future.  

Our production services integrate fully with our state of the art platform allowing you to host your lives treams and video library directly on your existing website. We can also stream and share content on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and other social media platforms.


See our work for yourself

We have worked throughout the UK and Europe, and our productions have been viewed online by millions of people, so it’s possible you’ve seen some of our work before! Check out some of our more recent projects below.


Productions Tailored To You

We can provide a range of services, from simple single-camera shoots through to large-scale multicamera productions.


When you don’t have your own infrastructure, we provide everything needed for your broadcast. We only use the highest quality microphones and cameras.


Our specialist directors and co-ordinators plan the shoot in advance working from the scores, scripts and stage plans, to make the production feel as cohesive as the performance.

Remote Cameras

Lots of operated cameras in the auditorium can be distracting for audience members. That’s why we use state-of-the-art remote cameras.

Beautiful Sound

Stagecast originally grew out of recording music, meaning beautiful quality sound is as important to us as stunning pictures and seamless production.

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