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A collection of production and technology services to help you succeed in online video


Capture something great forever

There is something really exciting about a live broadcast.  Watching the world cup or the oscars isn’t the same when the world already knows who won.  If you have an event you’d like to share, livestreaming is the best way not just to tell your audience about it, but show them, as it happens.

Our team, drawn from principally from music and sports broadcasting, know all about sharing the buzz of a live event with the world.  From planning and promoting your event until the big day itself we can be on hand to make sure everything is in place.  Even if your event can’t go out live, a high quality video recording is usually the best way to capture what happens for the future.  

Our production services integrate fully with our state of the art platform allowing you to host your livestreams and video library directly on your existing website.


Take your video to the world

People will be watching you via TVs, desktops, tablets and their phones.  You need to look great everywhere! We were unhappy with the range of available tools for our video production clients to share, organise and monetise their content – so we created our own.

Stagecast Platform offers a secure, stylish and engaging video content delivery solution.  

Your own digital stage to present your work to the world. Launch your own Netflix-style subscription service, members’ area or public library.

Add captions, notes and interactive features timed to key moments in your videos. Create playlists of related content. Schedule content to be published in the future. Our solution is flexible and can be tailored to your needs.  

With Stagecast Platform you’re in control and you’ll find everything you need to organise and present your content from our easy to use administration interface.


With you for the long term

Some of our clients have very clear goals for video, others are less sure.  From getting started to assisting seasoned broadcasters, we are always happy to bring our experience to the table.  Going beyond planning for individual events, we want to see you succeed in the long term by providing you with guidance and insights from our wide ranging work.  

Understanding your plans in depth helps us develop a bespoke service tailored to your needs; making the best use of our production services and content delivery platform.

Video is an excellent tool for marketing, it is an excellent tool for sales, it is an excellent tool for recruitment and awareness building.  No matter how grand your ambitions, we can work with you to carve out your individual path to the opportunities that await.

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