Live stream your performances to a global audience, host your own branded streaming media site, and increase your revenue.

What a platform will do for you

Your Online Platform

Reach New Audiences

Built with industry-leading platforms in mind, such as Netflix and Spotify, your subscribers will feel at home on an easy-to-navigate streaming service.

New Revenue Streams

Choose from subscription, pay-per-view, donation or free models, or even a mixture of approaches, to offer your global audience the most appropriate ways to support your work.

Monetise Existing Content

With a global audience available, a subscription service gives you access to revenue not possible through traditional ticket sales.

Live Streaming

Host live-streamed broadcasts of your events to your subscribers who can’t be there in person, helping generate engagement. Live events will help grow your supporter base to build a lasting online audience.


Why You Want Your Own Platform

YouTube and Facebook are brilliant resources for live streaming, but they have limitations. Frustrating copyright protection disrupting your live streams, no way to add your own paywall, and your competitors’ content being advertised as viewers watch yours.

With our Stagecast Platform technology, you can offer a sophisticated viewing experience to your users on your terms, with customised collections, seamless search across live, video and audio content, a virtual foyer, real-time programme notes, and detailed user analytics. With access to your library of recordings, digital tickets to your live-streamed concerts, and no limit on the number of seats available, the possibilities are endless.


Every Platform Includes


Branding and customization


Comprehensive support


Built-in analytics

Responsive design

Payment Processing

Personalised User Accounts

Custom Media Collections

Tailored Onboarding

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